FME Server Roles

When using a product with the range and scope of FME Server, it’s no surprise that there are a number of different roles available to different users. Each different role usually has different interests in FME Server.


An author is someone who creates translations (workspaces) using FME Desktop and publishes them to FME Server for use by end-users. This particular role is the focus of these training materials.

Typically an author would work at the analyst level, and would be an experienced FME Desktop user with a good understanding of Readers, Writers, transformers, and other FME Workbench functionality.


A user is defined as a person who accesses data using an FME Server Service.

It is not expected that a user in this sense has, or needs to have, any experience of FME and does not even need to be aware of FME Desktop or FME Server.

The user might be someone like a CAD operator checking out spatial data, a business manager looking at corporate data in an FME Server client, or members of the public who want to download data for personal use.


FME Server can be used as the back-end to power other software applications.

A developer (in FME Server terms) is someone who creates applications that submit jobs to FME Server and then handle the results. This role is somewhat covered by these training materials.

Web developers may choose to include FME Server Web Services within their own web applications or create their own services using the FME Server API.


An FME Server administrator is the person responsible for installing and maintaining FME Server and its related services.

The administrator’s tasks include:

  • Planning system architecture
  • Installing prerequisite applications
  • Installing and licensing FME Server
  • Setting up FME Server services
  • Monitoring FME Server services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Scaling FME Server

Miss Vector says...
Hi, I'm Miss Vector, FME schoolteacher. I'll be here now and then to test you on your new FME Server knowledge. For now, answer me this: Which of these is not one of the three core capabilities of FME Server?

1. Automation
2. Real-Time
3. NoSQL Database
4. Self-Serve

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