Here are the answers to the questions in this chapter.

Your colleagues asked...
Q) What are the top five, most-used transformers in the Web category?

A) At the time of writing they are:

1. HTTPCaller
2. JSONFlattener
3. ParameterFetcher
4. Generalizer
5. JSONFragmenter

You can find this out through the Transformers Gallery on the Safe Software web site.

Although the Generalizer seems an odd web transformer, it can be used to reduce the number of vertices in geometry, making features smaller and more suitable for use on the web.

Your colleagues asked...
Q) Which transformers are returned by Quick Add for each string of characters?

A) They are:

1. lineco: LineCombiner
An example of a string that appears at the start of a transformer's name

2. reac: AreaCalculator
An example of a string that appears in the middle of a transformer's name

3. rbic: RasterBandInterpretationCoercer
An example of a string that represents the CamelCase name of a transformer

4. drape: SurfaceDraper
An example of a string that describes what the transformer does

5. attributeexpl: AttributeExploder
An example of a string that is too long. "eexpl" would be more efficient

Your colleagues asked...
Q) Which transformer is suitable for each of these scenarios?

A) There are often many ways to carry out a task in FME, but in general the best transformers are as follows:

1. We have some lines of text in a file and want to read that text and add it as an attribute.

2. We have a set of vector contours and want to create a cross-section by transposing the X and Z coordinates.

3. We have a point cloud dataset and want to reduce its size by resampling it to remove excess points.

4. We have a text string and want to find out how many characters the string contains.

5. We have a set of addresses and for each address want to find the closest two libraries.

By completing this exercise you have learned how to:
  • Use the online Transformer Gallery
  • Use various combinations of Quick Add characters to search for transformers
  • To find the ideal transformer using the Workbench Transformer Gallery and Quick Add search capability

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