Feedback and Certificates

The format of this training course undergoes regular changes prompted by comments and feedback from previous courses.

Course Feedback

Miss Vector says...
There's one final set of questions – and this time you'll be telling me if the answers are correct or not!

Safe Software values feedback from training course attendees, and our feedback form is your chance to tell us what you think about how well we’re meeting your training goals.

You can fill in the feedback form now, but you'll also be reminded by email shortly after your course. Safe Software's partners who carry out training may ask that you fill in a separate form, but you can also use the official Safe Software form if you wish.


Mr. E. Dict, (Attorney of FME Law)says...
In order to prove you have taken this training course, a certificate will be emailed automatically to anyone who was logged on for the duration of Safe Software hosted courses.

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