Exercise 1 Transformer Selection Practice
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Overall Goal Practice searching for and selecting transformers
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You've applied to become an FME Certified Professional. To help you practice for the exam, your colleagues have given you some questions to test your knowledge of searching for and selecting transformers.

Can you answer them?

1) Most-Used Web Transformers
The first thing your colleagues want to know is, what are the top five, most-used transformers in the Web category?

2) Quick Add
Here is what appears to be a list of random characters:

  • lineco
  • reac
  • rbic
  • drape
  • attributeexpl

The second question is, which transformers are returned by Quick Add for each string, and do you know what any of them will be without trying?

3) Transformer Searching
Thirdly, your colleagues have come up with a list of different scenarios, and want you to search for a transformer to carry them out:

  • We have some lines of text in a file and want to read that text and add it as an attribute.
  • We have a set of vector contours and want to create a cross-section by transposing the X and Z coordinates.
  • We have a point cloud dataset and want to reduce its size by resampling it to remove excess points.
  • We have a text string and want to find out how many characters the string contains.
  • We have a set of addresses and for each address want to find the closest two libraries.

Your colleagues say...
The answers to our questions can be found at the end of this chapter...

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