Here are the answers to the questions in this chapter.

Miss Vector says...
Who are our two roles of FME user?

1. Creator/Inspector
2. Author/User
3. Reader/Writer
4. Maker/Consumer

Miss Vector says...
Look at the ParameterFetcher transformer. What does it do?

1. Fetches the name of a user parameter
2. Fetches the value of a user parameter
3. Fetches the type of a user parameter
4. Fetches the user a cup of tea

Of course, in most cases, you can easily use the AttributeManager instead.

Miss Vector says...
Which of the following is NOT a valid parameter type?

1. Coordinate System Name
2. Password
3. String Encoding
4. URL

Miss Vector says...
If you – as the workspace author – don’t want or require the end-user to have access to pre-linked parameters, then what can you do?

1. Delete the Reader/Writer
2. Unlink the user parameter
3. Delete the FME parameter
4. Delete the user parameter

The user parameter does not have an unlink option, and FME parameters cannot be deleted, so you would delete the user parameter. You could choose unlink on the FME parameter - but that would automatically delete the user parameter anyway!

Miss Vector says...
Is it possible to have a compulsory, private parameter? (i.e. both settings boxes are unchecked)

1. Yes
2. No
3. Yes, but you need to set a value immediately
4. Yes, but only for text or numeric parameters

Yes, you can have a private, compulsory parameter - but when you uncheck both boxes the default value field turns red and requires an immediate value.

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