Module Review

This chapter investigated Custom Transformers and how they can be used to improve your FME workspaces

What You Should Have Learned from this Module

The following are key points to be learned from this session:


  • A custom transformer is a sequence of standard transformers condensed into a single transformer.
  • A custom transformer lets you tidy your workspace, re-use sequences of transformers, and apply some advanced functionality like looping.
  • Handling schema in a custom transformer is very important, and it can be done either automatically or manually.
  • Custom transformers can be either embedded or linked.
  • Custom transformers can be used to implement parallel processing.
  • Loops in FME can only be implemented in a custom transformer.

FME Skills

  • The ability to create, edit and reuse a custom transformer.
  • The ability to handle schema in a custom transformer
  • The ability to embed or link transformers and to share them with colleagues
  • The ability to apply parallel processing in a custom transformer
  • The ability to use custom transformer loops

Further Reading

For further reading why not browse articles relating to Custom Transformers on our blog?

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